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Tilda/Edwin Cards and Card Samples for B-Line Designs

It’s been sooooooooo long since I’ve added photos of cards I’ve made - almost a year! Since I lost the best web designer an idiot like I am could hope for, I lost interest in the blog. Also, because I am an idiot, uploading photos to it was hit and miss - mostly miss. Today it’s cold, wet and windy out so decided to try uploading photos of cards I’ve made these past few months. Mostly, as you can see, I’ve been working on Tilda/Edwin cards that I spoke about in previous posts. Since they’re so time consuming and I decorate the inside of the cards as well as the front, each take at least an hour to create. But once I have a prototype, I always make at least five more of the same design. I never make just one card. Once I have the idea on paper and all the supplies are out, it seems silly not to make more before cleaning up and moving on to something else.

The Tilda/Edwin cards are easy to recognize because they’re all made with Magnolia stamps featuring the cute faces/poses of the little girl, Tilda, and her male counterpart, Edwin.

All other cards I’ve uploaded are ones I made for B-Line Designs. You can go to their website: and click on the Gallery to see more. Unfortunately, last I checked, most of my samples were listed as “More Info and Artist Forthcoming” (or something like that).   I tried to keep the Tilda/Edwin cards lumped together and separate from the B-Line Designs cards, but inadvertently added a Tilda Easter card among the B-Line samples. I also added a picture of my big boy,Tipper, sitting up on the ledge above the stairs. I honestly don’t know how I got that in amongst my cards, and now I don’t know how to remove it. (See why I needed Kris Watanabe)

I hope anyone viewing these cards enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.