My first Granddaughter!

Of course I have to show off picture of my first granddaughter!  Isn’t she just adorable!!??



Here’s Ceaytie’s mommy, Kristin… beauty in the Royal lineage knows no boundaries….


  1. Ce-Ann McNamara Says:

    OMG Donna, no wonder I haven’t heard from you in AGES. Have you been busy OR WHAT?
    Your website is FABULOUS. Your blog - SO CREATIVE.
    Had so much fun yesterday with you and Ruth. The last Fir. of EVERY month is somthing to really look forward to.
    You and THE BEST, your Highness.
    Love and a wet one,

  2. Joanne Carney Says:

    I too,love viewing your great cards . I wish I knew more about this. Next time you come over I wish you would help me. My kids do so much for me but not this—- Never enough!! That’s me.
    Love You, Joanne
    Hello to Kristin and John

  3. Donna Says:

    Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for the comment! Asking me to help is like asking the village idiot for advice!! LOL
    Love you.

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