This ‘n’ That - 2/23/09

Another stamp convention has, regretfully, come and gone. Saturday’s (2/21/09) San Jose RSC was in a new venue, but general consensus among those I talked to was that the place was better than the prior hall in Milpitas. -More vendor space, better location, more parking, etc… The best part of yesterday was that my DH returned home after being gone for over a month and it’s just so good having another body in the home (besides the four-legged variety that require poop patrol). While he’s busy catching up on his stuff, I decided to update my blog and upload a few more photos of cards. On Monday of this week, Diana Diaz, Doraya Goeppert, Kathy Yee and I all gathered around the stamp table again. Each of us taught a card to the others. In addition, Kathy provided lunch reminiscent of our college days. She used to make hot dogs with sliced onions and green beans marinated in teriyaki sauce then served over rice. As Rachel Ray would say, “Yummo!”

Below are photos of the cards each of us presented. The first one is the one Doraya, the Punching Queen, taught us. She said she had taken the idea from Hanko’s catalog.


The next card was taught to us by Diana. If you want to make one, too, she’s teaching it in a class at Stamper’s Warehouse next month.

Kathy taught us the card she had made for me previously, but this time she made me make my own. Aaargh! How rude!!

And the following two are the ones I presented. The first was made with leftover cardstock and paper from the wedding invitations I worked on last month.

And now would be a good place to upload a photo of the above-mentioned invitation:

This  next card was a ‘bonus’ card I threw into the mix at our playdate because I wanted the girls to do a little something with the Copics, plus I wanted to make cards using the new chocolate stamps I recently bought. The actual chocolate pieces are old stamps from Mostly Animals, which went out of business a while back, but they’re still favorites of mine. —I wonder why—

The inside:

And, of course, I have to show you the cards I made in Irina’s last two classes. I also took some photos of other cards she’s done in the past, which were on display at the convention yesterday. But I won’t waste time uploading those here, because you can go to her website and see them all. (That link is listed in a previous post.) I’m having so much fun making these precious cards and I’m so glad that she got me hooked. I’m taking a class from Georgia Somers at Stamper’s Warehouse this Thursday and will post the cards I make in that class later. I’ve seen the samples in the store and they look totally different than the ones Irina teaches.



And, finally, I want to share with you two more Valentine’s Day cards. The first was made by Kathy Yee, and I made the second to give to John.

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