February 2009 Card Samples, etc…

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, I thought I’d post photos of the cards I’ve recently done in more of Irina Blount’s classes at Stamp on Over in Sunnyvale. I’m giving the Copic pens my best shot, but as you can see, I have a long way to go before I’m proficient with them, and will always prefer painting with a brush. A brush and a pot of paint is within my comfort zone, but because I’ve heard so much much about these pens, I knew I wanted to experiment with them. What I’ve discovered so far is that, like most things, they have their place. And these cute little girl stamps from Magnolia Stamps in Sweden (available at Stamp on Over) are a perfect match for them. Those of you who know me personally, also know I said I’d never do collaged cards. Well, I’m making a liar out of myself because, even though the following cards are collaged and much busier than I’ve ever done before, I find them very charming and heartwarming. I’ll always do fashion ladies, flowers, Asian, animals, etc., but I’m proud of myself for venturing outside of my comfort zone and trying my hand at something different than I’ve ever done before. Irina’s collaging technique is ‘cleaner’ than most, and it’s because everything coordinates. She also decorates the inside of her cards. Very labor intensive, but the end results are worth it. Okay, enough chit chat…

The first three cards were made in Irina’s Valentine’s Day card class.


Card #2 (I messed this card up in class, so I had to improvise)


Card #3


Card #4 (It took all day yesterday to make ten of these, copying the idea from one of Irina’s cards above and using what was available to me.)


Card #5

Card #6

Card #7

I’ll be making six more of these sweet cards next month, then I’ll start preparing for the Penny Black classes I’m teaching at Stamper’s Warehouse in April. After that, I plan to teach fashion ladies again using my new B-Line Design stamps. Later this month, I’m taking a class from Georgia Somers at the Warehouse. She’s become certified to teach the Copic pens, and I can’t wait to see her technique with them. She excels with markers in general, so I’m sure to learn something. If these types of cards appeal to any of you, will you let me know? If there’s no interest out there from any of you, then I’ll continue to teach my same-ol’, same-ol’.

And, on a personal note, I have to boast that this 62-year-old body hiked up to the top of Mount Diablo and back (6.2 miles) last weekend with my daughter and her boyfriend with little or no problems……………just a few seizures, a mild cardiac arrest and a few ruptured disks (grin). The following photo was taken with John’s iPhone and is proof-positive that I’m not lying about the hike.

To pose for the picture, I had to lift my tongue off the ground and stuff it back in my mouth…


  1. Julia Says:

    Oh my dear Maj, how wonderful are your cards - and my, well of your normal style….it’s all about dong what makes you happy tho and they look great! Am hideously impressed by the hike…we have 6 inches of snow on the ground currently and considering hiking is about 534th on my list!! Love, your loyal subject Julia Dunnitxx

  2. Julia Says:

    Well your Maj, am moved to type again - not least to apologise for spelling mistakes in the previous comment! You should visit my blog to discover something to your advantage!!
    Your loyal subject

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