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Christmas Cards

Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season. As promised, I’m uploading the four Christmas Cards I taught to Debbie Reid and Sandra Aquilar earlier this month. They also wanted to do the cute Christmas card I uploaded earlier.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures and I can’t blame it on the camera. Still no word from my new best friend, Kris Watanabe, who is diligently working on the website to get all the cards uploaded. The last time I spoke with her, she was going to contact me when all were uploaded. When I know something, I’ll post it here.

Progress of Changes to Website

My wonderful, fabulous, brilliant web designer, Kris Watanabe, is back from Hawaii and is diligently working on getting up the card samples from my old site -  as well as new ones. Once Kris is done, you’ll also be able to click on the thumbnails of the cards to enlarge them, just like before. Be patient, though, as she has hundreds to do. She’s given me a ‘recipe’ that enables me to write in my blog, but right now that’s all I’m capable of doing. Kris is doing all the hard stuff.

This past Sunday, October 26th, I had a great group of ladies over for a class/play day to make a few easy, fall cards. Included were Elaine Hedge and her buds, Aprile Ebisui, Lynne Ono, Judy Dwelly & Pat Cline.  Elaine has been such an avid supporter of every teacher who has taught at Stamper’s Warehouse - and others, I’m sure - that I wanted to show my appreciation by having them over for a play day. I was also lucky enough to have Kathy Yee (a fellow teacher and my dear friend), Stephanie Costello (another artsy friend), and her sister, Julia Budd, who was visiting Steph from England. Julia owned a stamp store there for years, but now travels around Great Britain doing demos for Xyron, Cuttlebug, etc. So we all learned a few things from her, and had a great time visiting around the stamp table. Laughs were shared, stories told, a few calories ingested and recipes shared. I hated to see the day end and hope they’ll all be back. Below are the four cards we made:





On the previous Monday, October 20th, I had three of the “Modesto Gals” come over to play. Cindy Foster, who used to get a group of girls together for my classes at her home there, moved to Boise, Idaho this year, but was back visiting friends. She called a couple of the girls, Shari Secreto and Helen Boz, and arranged to bring them here for the day. Cindy keeps me up to date on all the newest gadgets that I MUST have.  She talked me into getting a Cuttlebug, and after they left on Monday, I was on the computer buying Nestibilities. They all brought their Cuttlebug machines, as well as their Nestibilities, and by the time they left, Helen had generated enough frame shapes of varying sizes to last me a good long while. We made the cutest cat card using both machines!  cat-card-using-cuttlebug If you live anywhere in Boise, you’re going to want to contact Cindy. She’s getting her stamp room set up and will begin teaching there soon. When she’s ready to go into business, I’ll give you all of her info.

On Sunday, October 19th, fellow teachers, Diana Diaz, Doraya Goeppert and Kathy Yee came over to make — Easter Eggs. NOT! What do four stamping teachers do when they gather around a table? They stamp, of course! Doraya showed us how to make a Halloween card using only punches dorayas-holloween-card , and Kathy showed us how to make an elegant floral card that has a 3-D camellia on it kathys-floral-card . Diana and I furnished refreshments.

This weekend I leave for Missouri to visit Tom’s family there and, of course, I’m taking supplies to stamp with his mom and sister. I’ll be in touch when I get back, or, if I remember, I’ll add to the blog while there. Kris says I MUST do this once a week. (Notice how people tell me what I must do - isn’t the Queen the one who is supposed to give the orders??)

A new website coming!

I have a new website!  I can’t tell you how excited I am! When I lost John Caskie, I thought I’d never find someone as patient and willing to help a moron (yes, this Queen can actually admit when she doesn’t know something!  Shock, I know!) again, but then Kris Watanabe made a fateful call, and badda bing, badda boom, I’m back in business!

Kris is editing the website and showing me the progress along the way and hopefully we’ll be putting it up for all to see!  I’d like to take this time and acknowledge her and give her a great big thank-you! She has a beautiful retail website at Designer Wrappers (well…sort of - she’s under reconstruction right now), as well a few other online ventures and I hope you’ll pay her a visit.