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Merry Christmas

It’s finally Christmas Day and for the first time in twenty-two years we didn’t spend Christmas Eve celebrating and/or share the unwrapping of Christmas presents under a Christmas tree on Christmas morning with our daughter, Kristin. We did see her and her boyfriend, John, later in the afternoon, however, when we picked them up to take them to San Francisco for Xmas dinner. Having dinner with the two of them made up for the oh so boooooorrrrring morning! -Next year there will definitely be more than the red bows on Ceaytie’s ears for decorations!

(Kristin & John at the Carnelian Room in S.F.)

Yesterday I received my final (I think) handmade holiday card.  Helen Boz, a lovely, talented lady in Modesto sent it to me, and I had to study it to see how it was done.   It looks like she took a sheer, organza type of material, with a glittered pinecone design printed on it, sprayed adhesive to a piece of ivory Stardreams cardstock (for extra shimmer) and wrapped the material around it. Then she layered that to a piece of cardstock to which she sprayed more adhesive (or used some sort of sticky-dot adhesive) and covered it in glitter. She layered the completed panel to a gold Stardreams card. I had to describe it, because photos never do justice to cards with glitter and sparkle. Trust me, the card is full of shimmer, shine and glitter!

More Christmas Cards - 12/22/08

Wonderful and beautiful Christmas cards are continuing to arrive in our mailbox, and I want to share them with you in small bunches rather than all at once when it’s a chore. At Christmas time, the last thing we stampers want to do is create cards that take more than ten minutes each to make, as none of us has that kind of time (unless you only have to make one card!). But when we can make ones that are far superiour to a store bought card, and we can put our own personal touches and unique embellishmetnts on them in less time than it takes to drive to the mall, fight the crowds and select a box, I think that’s what we all want. Below are cards that accomplish all of that.

This first card is from Ce-Ann McNamara and I love that its simple, but has lots of sparkle.

The next is from Phyllis Nelson and I love the sparkle she added to all the trees’ ornaments, in addition to the border she made using sparkle paper for that extra pizzaz.


Lady Mary Cromak from England sent in another great card using a tag as a focal point, then added glitter for sparkle. It’s also interesting because she used strips of coordinating paper with decorative edges to add interest. (Note that I add her very special title. That’s because I expect her to address me as The Queen.)

The next card was sent to me by Shari Secreto and, as usual, she’s done a beautiful job. Everything she does is extraordinary. It’s hard to see on the photo image, but the cardstock and papers she used have a beautiful sheen to them, then within her Nestibility frame she’s placed the most exquisite reflective paper. Finally on the snowman that she so expertly colored, she added pink rhinestones to his buttons.

This last card is from my very favorite Stampin’ Up rep, Danelle Henry. Actually, it’s really not a Christmas card, but I got it at Christmas time, so it’s getting added to the site! Danelle seldom embosses, but all of her cards are cute and/or pretty because she adds things like pearls, brads and ribbons to give her cards depth and interest. -And you all know how I am. Anything that adds glitz and sparkle, I’m there!

And, finally this last photo is not of a card but of The King (my hubby) and our Princess, Ceaytie. She’s the only thing decorated for Christmas this year!

Cute Card Samples

Just this week I received four new card samples that I’m anxious to post. The first two are from Danelle Henry, the best Stampin’ Up rep out there, the fall wreath card is from my 86 year old mother-in-law, Elizabeth Harrison (hope I’m stilll stamping in my 80s!), and the last is a darling birthday card from Jaye Green, who knows I’m the queen.

And while I’m uploading photos of cards, I might as well upload a couple photos taken on Thanksgiving Day when Kristin and I went into San Francisco for our dinner at the Sheraton Palace. What a day!! What a meal!

More News/Photos/Cards for November 2008

It’s hard to believe that November is almost over! It’s been a fun, busy month and I hate to see it end. The last time I wrote in my blog, Tom and I were off to Missouri to visit his family for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, that trip was cut short when Tom was asked to go to Equatorial Guinea ‘asap’. We returned a week early; he went to Africa and, on the 16th, Diana Diaz and I went to Nevada City via Chico to spend three days making Christmas cards. You wouldn’t believe the stuff we piled in to the car for our three-day Xmas card marathon! Now, ask how many we got made. Nada, zip, zero!!! I had made two versions of the same cutesy Christmas card using Radiant Pearls before we went, with the intention of making tons when we were there. - Didn’t happen.

I had also made another version of the cute and simple cat card that I posted here earlier in the month, but this time I used a dog. Took everything I needed to make about three dozen of them to sell at a local pet store. Made them all.

Talk about prioritizing! Christmas is right around the corner; I didn’t do a single one of those. On the bright side, Diana had brought seven unfinished angel cards that she had made last Christmas, so these seven were leftovers that she gave to me. All I had to do was paint, assemble and add the foil to the wings. She had done all the stamping, cutting, sizing, and dry embossing. My question to her was why didn’t she give me another couple dozen! It looks like seven people will get Christmas cards from me this year. LOL!

What did we do in those three days? Where do I begin? If you’ve never been to Nevada City in the fall, it’s a must-see place to go. The fall colors, rolling hills and quaint buildings rival anything in the New England states this time of year. Three days was simply not enough time to enjoy it all.  We stayed in a lovely lodge called the Harmony Ridge, located about five miles north of Nevada City. Everywhere you looked, the colors took your breath away.

As soon as we got up each morning, we’d head into Nevada City to walk the streets, shop the shops, try new restaurants, meet new people, try new wines and gourmet foods. Our favorite new taste items were the P’tit Basque cheese from the cheese shop and Frog Balls (spicy dill marinated brussel sprouts) from the local winery/deli. Among the streets and shops are numerous, quaint B&Bs. Our goal now is to see how many stampers would be interested in a gold country getaway next fall. We thought it’d be fun to get a bunch of like-minded girls together and head to the gold country via the local stamp stores. First stop would be Stamper’s Corner in Elk Grove, then the Folsom stamp store, a couple of nights in Nevada City, then on to Strike it Rich in Placerville. We’re going to start putting out feelers to see if this would interest anyone and, if there is interest, we’ll fine tune the plans, perhaps seeing if the stamp stores will offer us discounts for the day.

Once home, I had to buckle down and come up with some card samples for a class I’m teaching on December 8th. They want Christmas cards using Radiant Pearls. I have three of the four done, but that’s because my dear friend and fellow stamping bud, Kathy Yee, came over and gave me a full day of her time to help! She brought her laptop and enthusiasm, and together we came up with two more cards to add to the one I had already completed. She painstakingly typed up the instructions of each card onto her computer’s memory stick, helped cut, stuff & create. After the class on the 8th, I’ll post those. Additionally, she brought presents and cake for my birthday. What a friend!! The beautiful card below is one she made for me for my birthday (which isn’t until next month, but why celebrate a day, when you can celebrate every day??)

Another card I want you to see is one I  received from Julia Budd in England. She’s Stephanie Costello’s sister and she and Steph came here to play around the stamp table last month. I love her card, too, and want to share it with you all.

Hopefully, all these cards will join the other card samples on my website when Kris Watanabe finishes dealing with a family emergency. She had hoped to have it all updated by the end of this month, but had to return to Hawaii because her mom isn’t well. Now with the holdiays just around the corner and her family to care for, I’m not certain how long it’ll be before she’s done. In the meantime, I’ll continue to update my blog with happenings, photos, and cards.

You’ll notice that I’m now able to upload photos to my blog instead of links to the photos as I did previously. That’s because Tom got me a new camera before he left and I no longer have to go through the Kodak Easy Share program to grab them. Yay!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

My first Granddaughter!

Of course I have to show off picture of my first granddaughter!  Isn’t she just adorable!!??



Here’s Ceaytie’s mommy, Kristin… beauty in the Royal lineage knows no boundaries….