More Tilda/Edwin Cards - Finally!

Almost another year has passed since I posted more cards but, what can I say, I’d rather be stamping than on the computer :-)

I haven’t mastered the art of taking photos of my cards that show them at their best. Wish I knew someone who could give me some lessons. I see cards on other websites and am in awe of how they photograph those cards. The only way I know is to lay them on a piece of paper and take a snapshot. Yuk! I think I need a new camera, too, as all the photos I take with this one are yellowish in nature and need brightening.

Anyway, hope you like these cards I’ve made using Tilda and Edwin exclusively. In the card below, I’ve used “Wondering Tilda”.  

This is the inside of the card:

This next card is using “Tilda with Letter”.

and the inside…

“Patch Tilda”:

Inside “Patch Tilda”:

“Tilda with Rose”:


“Heartbreaker Edwin”:


“Tilda with Puppy”:


“Hawaiian Tilda”:


“Japanese Tilda”:


“Chinese Tilda”:

I didn’t do the inside of Chinese Tilda :-(

“Tilda in Pearls”:


“Black Tilda”:


I can’t remember the name of this Tilda:


“Cherry Tilda”:



“Tilda with Heart”:

“Edwin in Glasses”:


I can’t remember the name of this Tilda either. I’ll just call her “Floral Tilda” because I made a lot of flowers to put on the card. (That’s as good a reason as any.)



I guess that’s enough for now, as I’m sure many of you are sick of Tilda. –Too, bad, though, because I still love her and Edwin.

BTW, in September I got “Copic Certified” which simply means I completed an all day hands-on seminar to be able to call myself that. Even though I had heard others say that you don’t get your money’s worth, I found just the opposite to be true. I guess that’s because I had more to learn. Since I’ve been using Copics in my classes this past year, I thought it was important to know all I could about them from the company that manufactures them. I still love Radiant Pearls and always will, but when they went out of business I had to find another coloring medium. And for Tilda’s, Copics work best. I could’ve used other coloring techniques on these cute images, but Copics were new to the market when I first discovered them and I wanted to buy some to see what all the hype was about. I fell in love with them, and the rest is history.

Tilda/Edwin Cards and Card Samples for B-Line Designs

It’s been sooooooooo long since I’ve added photos of cards I’ve made - almost a year! Since I lost the best web designer an idiot like I am could hope for, I lost interest in the blog. Also, because I am an idiot, uploading photos to it was hit and miss - mostly miss. Today it’s cold, wet and windy out so decided to try uploading photos of cards I’ve made these past few months. Mostly, as you can see, I’ve been working on Tilda/Edwin cards that I spoke about in previous posts. Since they’re so time consuming and I decorate the inside of the cards as well as the front, each take at least an hour to create. But once I have a prototype, I always make at least five more of the same design. I never make just one card. Once I have the idea on paper and all the supplies are out, it seems silly not to make more before cleaning up and moving on to something else.

The Tilda/Edwin cards are easy to recognize because they’re all made with Magnolia stamps featuring the cute faces/poses of the little girl, Tilda, and her male counterpart, Edwin.

All other cards I’ve uploaded are ones I made for B-Line Designs. You can go to their website: and click on the Gallery to see more. Unfortunately, last I checked, most of my samples were listed as “More Info and Artist Forthcoming” (or something like that).   I tried to keep the Tilda/Edwin cards lumped together and separate from the B-Line Designs cards, but inadvertently added a Tilda Easter card among the B-Line samples. I also added a picture of my big boy,Tipper, sitting up on the ledge above the stairs. I honestly don’t know how I got that in amongst my cards, and now I don’t know how to remove it. (See why I needed Kris Watanabe)

I hope anyone viewing these cards enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

Spring Is In The Air

I don’t know about anyone else, but spring fever  has definitely hit me. So much so that I’ve cancelled all my classes to play and travel. I’m giving up teaching because life is just too short to spend so much time in class preparations. Additionally, I’ve all but given up on my wonderful webmaster, Kris, who had me so stoked about the possibilities of my new website, then got taken away from me by personal committments before all her great ideas could be implemented. As a result,  stampers in cyperspace have given up visiting a website that seldom, if ever, has anything new on it. –So I’m kissing the blog good-bye, too. It’s been a great ride!!

More Cards… -What Else?

Kris chastises me for not coming up with creative titles for my blog entries, but this is a stamping site, so I’ve got to call a spade a spade. I’ve been so creative this past week and have come up with some great (I think!) new cards. All but the last two are using my new stamps from B-Line Designs. I’ve still got some ideas rumbling around in my head and, time permitting, with get them onto paper before too long. Naturally, I’ll post them here when I do. (Perhaps someone out there can come up with a better title for my next entry??) The last two cards were made using Tilda again. A shrink would probably suggest that I’m using Tilda as a substitute for grandchildren, but I say whatever floats your boat. Besides, I already have Ceaytie and Tipper. I’ve got attached to Tilda stamps by Magnolia because there’s just something so sweet and timeless about her. I’ve also added her counterpart, Edwin, to my menagerie of stamps, so you can expect to see some cards featuring him in the future.

To those of you who think that my falling in love with Tilda - and Edwin - has left no room in my heart for the classics such as the stamps by B-Line, the following cards should prove you wrong.

Card 1:

Card 2:

Card 3:

Inside of Card 3:

Card 4:

Inside of Card 4:

Card 5:

Inside Card #5


Card 6:


Inside Card 6:


Card 7:

Inside Card 7:

Card 8:

Inside Card 8:

Card 9:

This ‘n’ That - 2/23/09

Another stamp convention has, regretfully, come and gone. Saturday’s (2/21/09) San Jose RSC was in a new venue, but general consensus among those I talked to was that the place was better than the prior hall in Milpitas. -More vendor space, better location, more parking, etc… The best part of yesterday was that my DH returned home after being gone for over a month and it’s just so good having another body in the home (besides the four-legged variety that require poop patrol). While he’s busy catching up on his stuff, I decided to update my blog and upload a few more photos of cards. On Monday of this week, Diana Diaz, Doraya Goeppert, Kathy Yee and I all gathered around the stamp table again. Each of us taught a card to the others. In addition, Kathy provided lunch reminiscent of our college days. She used to make hot dogs with sliced onions and green beans marinated in teriyaki sauce then served over rice. As Rachel Ray would say, “Yummo!”

Below are photos of the cards each of us presented. The first one is the one Doraya, the Punching Queen, taught us. She said she had taken the idea from Hanko’s catalog.


The next card was taught to us by Diana. If you want to make one, too, she’s teaching it in a class at Stamper’s Warehouse next month.

Kathy taught us the card she had made for me previously, but this time she made me make my own. Aaargh! How rude!!

And the following two are the ones I presented. The first was made with leftover cardstock and paper from the wedding invitations I worked on last month.

And now would be a good place to upload a photo of the above-mentioned invitation:

This  next card was a ‘bonus’ card I threw into the mix at our playdate because I wanted the girls to do a little something with the Copics, plus I wanted to make cards using the new chocolate stamps I recently bought. The actual chocolate pieces are old stamps from Mostly Animals, which went out of business a while back, but they’re still favorites of mine. —I wonder why—

The inside:

And, of course, I have to show you the cards I made in Irina’s last two classes. I also took some photos of other cards she’s done in the past, which were on display at the convention yesterday. But I won’t waste time uploading those here, because you can go to her website and see them all. (That link is listed in a previous post.) I’m having so much fun making these precious cards and I’m so glad that she got me hooked. I’m taking a class from Georgia Somers at Stamper’s Warehouse this Thursday and will post the cards I make in that class later. I’ve seen the samples in the store and they look totally different than the ones Irina teaches.



And, finally, I want to share with you two more Valentine’s Day cards. The first was made by Kathy Yee, and I made the second to give to John.

February 2009 Card Samples, etc…

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, I thought I’d post photos of the cards I’ve recently done in more of Irina Blount’s classes at Stamp on Over in Sunnyvale. I’m giving the Copic pens my best shot, but as you can see, I have a long way to go before I’m proficient with them, and will always prefer painting with a brush. A brush and a pot of paint is within my comfort zone, but because I’ve heard so much much about these pens, I knew I wanted to experiment with them. What I’ve discovered so far is that, like most things, they have their place. And these cute little girl stamps from Magnolia Stamps in Sweden (available at Stamp on Over) are a perfect match for them. Those of you who know me personally, also know I said I’d never do collaged cards. Well, I’m making a liar out of myself because, even though the following cards are collaged and much busier than I’ve ever done before, I find them very charming and heartwarming. I’ll always do fashion ladies, flowers, Asian, animals, etc., but I’m proud of myself for venturing outside of my comfort zone and trying my hand at something different than I’ve ever done before. Irina’s collaging technique is ‘cleaner’ than most, and it’s because everything coordinates. She also decorates the inside of her cards. Very labor intensive, but the end results are worth it. Okay, enough chit chat…

The first three cards were made in Irina’s Valentine’s Day card class.


Card #2 (I messed this card up in class, so I had to improvise)


Card #3


Card #4 (It took all day yesterday to make ten of these, copying the idea from one of Irina’s cards above and using what was available to me.)


Card #5

Card #6

Card #7

I’ll be making six more of these sweet cards next month, then I’ll start preparing for the Penny Black classes I’m teaching at Stamper’s Warehouse in April. After that, I plan to teach fashion ladies again using my new B-Line Design stamps. Later this month, I’m taking a class from Georgia Somers at the Warehouse. She’s become certified to teach the Copic pens, and I can’t wait to see her technique with them. She excels with markers in general, so I’m sure to learn something. If these types of cards appeal to any of you, will you let me know? If there’s no interest out there from any of you, then I’ll continue to teach my same-ol’, same-ol’.

And, on a personal note, I have to boast that this 62-year-old body hiked up to the top of Mount Diablo and back (6.2 miles) last weekend with my daughter and her boyfriend with little or no problems……………just a few seizures, a mild cardiac arrest and a few ruptured disks (grin). The following photo was taken with John’s iPhone and is proof-positive that I’m not lying about the hike.

To pose for the picture, I had to lift my tongue off the ground and stuff it back in my mouth…

More Card Samples to Start the New Year!

Thought I’d share with you some wonderful new cards I made this past weekend at Stamp on Over in Sunnyvale, CA. I took a class from a very talented lady, Irina Blount, who does amazing things with the Cuttlebug, Copic pens, and card making in general. As you know, I tend to do a lot of floral and fashion lady cards, using mostly Radiant Pearls. But I’ve heard so much about the new Copic pens that I knew I needed to use them and experience them for myself before purchasing them. What I’ve discovered is that what separates them from other markers on the market is that they don’t streak, making your finished cards look more like they’ve been watercolored than colored with markers. Below are the cards I made in her class, but I hope you’ll visit her website at to see what great work she does. Each card is painstakingly made, not just on the outside, but the inside, as well. Once the Copic markers I’ve ordered are in, I’ll be experimenting with them more and will incorporate them into my own style of cardmaking. In her class, I also learned more things to do with the Cuttlebug that make me oh-so-glad that I bought one.

Hope you enjoy these cards as much as I enjoyed making them. And if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and want to learn more about your Copics, Cuttlebug, etc., I encourage you to take classes from Irina.

(Photo above is of the inside of the first card)

Now for the inside of the above card…


And the last card…

The inside…

(Oh, oh, another card you’ll have to view with your head cocked to the left)
**Nevermind…the slave…oops, I mean my wonderfully talented webdesigner Kris fixed it.**

Merry Christmas

It’s finally Christmas Day and for the first time in twenty-two years we didn’t spend Christmas Eve celebrating and/or share the unwrapping of Christmas presents under a Christmas tree on Christmas morning with our daughter, Kristin. We did see her and her boyfriend, John, later in the afternoon, however, when we picked them up to take them to San Francisco for Xmas dinner. Having dinner with the two of them made up for the oh so boooooorrrrring morning! -Next year there will definitely be more than the red bows on Ceaytie’s ears for decorations!

(Kristin & John at the Carnelian Room in S.F.)

Yesterday I received my final (I think) handmade holiday card.  Helen Boz, a lovely, talented lady in Modesto sent it to me, and I had to study it to see how it was done.   It looks like she took a sheer, organza type of material, with a glittered pinecone design printed on it, sprayed adhesive to a piece of ivory Stardreams cardstock (for extra shimmer) and wrapped the material around it. Then she layered that to a piece of cardstock to which she sprayed more adhesive (or used some sort of sticky-dot adhesive) and covered it in glitter. She layered the completed panel to a gold Stardreams card. I had to describe it, because photos never do justice to cards with glitter and sparkle. Trust me, the card is full of shimmer, shine and glitter!

More Christmas Cards - 12/22/08

Wonderful and beautiful Christmas cards are continuing to arrive in our mailbox, and I want to share them with you in small bunches rather than all at once when it’s a chore. At Christmas time, the last thing we stampers want to do is create cards that take more than ten minutes each to make, as none of us has that kind of time (unless you only have to make one card!). But when we can make ones that are far superiour to a store bought card, and we can put our own personal touches and unique embellishmetnts on them in less time than it takes to drive to the mall, fight the crowds and select a box, I think that’s what we all want. Below are cards that accomplish all of that.

This first card is from Ce-Ann McNamara and I love that its simple, but has lots of sparkle.

The next is from Phyllis Nelson and I love the sparkle she added to all the trees’ ornaments, in addition to the border she made using sparkle paper for that extra pizzaz.


Lady Mary Cromak from England sent in another great card using a tag as a focal point, then added glitter for sparkle. It’s also interesting because she used strips of coordinating paper with decorative edges to add interest. (Note that I add her very special title. That’s because I expect her to address me as The Queen.)

The next card was sent to me by Shari Secreto and, as usual, she’s done a beautiful job. Everything she does is extraordinary. It’s hard to see on the photo image, but the cardstock and papers she used have a beautiful sheen to them, then within her Nestibility frame she’s placed the most exquisite reflective paper. Finally on the snowman that she so expertly colored, she added pink rhinestones to his buttons.

This last card is from my very favorite Stampin’ Up rep, Danelle Henry. Actually, it’s really not a Christmas card, but I got it at Christmas time, so it’s getting added to the site! Danelle seldom embosses, but all of her cards are cute and/or pretty because she adds things like pearls, brads and ribbons to give her cards depth and interest. -And you all know how I am. Anything that adds glitz and sparkle, I’m there!

And, finally this last photo is not of a card but of The King (my hubby) and our Princess, Ceaytie. She’s the only thing decorated for Christmas this year!

More Cute Holiday Card Samples

I received two more cute, handmade cards from friends that I want to share with you. The first is from Yvonne Collins. I like the way she personalized the card with my name tag. -A very cute idea.

The second card is from Jaye Green in Castle Rock, Colorado, who said she made hers from a Christmas card kit she found in the new Stampin’ Up catalog. I didn’t even know about that kit, even though I thought I had scoured every page of their new holiday catalog.

Having everything pre-cut and ready for assembly is a great way to make Christmas cards in a hurry! For those of you waiting for a handmade Christmas card from me this year, please don’t hold your breath. I had intended to make them but, as I’ve already mentioned, those plans were bypassed with others. Instead, my previous post shows Christmas cards I taught earlier this month, so pretend you got a card!